School of Ants at the desertSMART EcoFair

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Kirsti Abbott is an ant ecologist and science educator currently at University of New England in Armidale, but also working on School of Ants projects through the University of Melbourne. After spending many years looking at tiny insects on tropical islands she inspires citizens to capitalise on their curiosity to open possibilities for having science, and ants, in their lives.

Kirsti established School of Ants Australia in 2014 and is currently touring the country collecting data and visiting schools to share her passion for the little things that run the world. She will be a feature presenter at the Eco-Science Schools Day, and will be running workshops at the Sunday Eco-Market.

School of Ants Workshop:

Our immediately visible world is pretty exciting, wonderous and complex, and often rough, tough and difficult.  What if I told you that below your feet and above your heads the ant world was everything and more? Right now ants are making slaves, being bushrangers, farming fungus, getting flooded and raiding whole forests for food. ? School of Ants will take you through some of the diversity of ants around the world and introduce you to the language of ants. You’ll also track ants on the Desert Ecofair site – who inhabits these desert lands? And what are they doing? Some very special bilbies will help you look for ants, make antennae, create fANTastic ant words and more.

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