Katie Harder and the Artful Dodgers @ The Great Science Variety Show

Katie Harder and the Artful Dodgers will be playing at The Great Science Variety Show on Friday 8th August, alongside Mick Cafe and special guest Adam Spencer. Tickets are $25 presage and are on sale now email business@alec.org.au or phone 89522497

Katie Harder and the Artful Dodgers:
It’s rare to find a singer songwriter that has great songs, great stage presence and a great work ethic, but Katie Harder has all three in spades. Lyrics with a depth that surpass anything you’ll hear on commercial radio and melodies you’ll be singing all day. Katie delivers these gems with conviction, warmth and dash of Aussie humour.

With 2 Albums and EP’s under her belt, and over 14 years performing experience, Katie has earned the right to perform with the likes of Ash Grunwald, Blue King Brown, Clare Bowditch and Jeff Lang.

She has currently teemed up with some of Alice Springs best musicians to create the Artful Dodgers who bring depth and dynamic to this special folk roots artist. If you saw her at WOS2013 in the acoustic setting, make sure not to miss this performance with the Artful Dodgers.


Katie Harder

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