desertSMART Regional Food Summit

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On Monday August 13thdesertSMART COOLmob will host a one day Regional Food Gathering at the Olive Pink Botanical Garden. Registration for the one day event costs $20.00 (GST incl), and can be completed by emailing or calling (08) 8952-2497. Registration closes August 3rd.


This exciting new event will seek to bring together a broad range of business, community and local government actors, to create a forum to share knowledge, link projects, and undertake creative problem solving around the transformation needed to meet the challenges of feeding Central Australia’s residents in a context of changing climate, fluctuating markets and rising oils prices over the coming decades.


Most importantly, the gathering will create a platform for developing a strategic vision for sustainable food systems in Central Australia, and start outlining a path for it’s implementation.


The desertSMART Regional Food Gathering builds upon the past success of food focussed workshops as part of the desertSMART Eco Fair. The plan to build upon past achievements, by facilitating a full days forum, to enable people to come together to discuss and to address food issues in a regional context, will grow over the next two years.


  • 2012 will focus on actors based in Alice Springs and consider largely Alice Springs local issues. Issues of regional significance will also be discussed as relevant but will not by the primary focus of the event in 2012.
  • 2013 will build upon the Alice Springs centred approach of 2012 by broadening the scope to focus on the regional area that accesses Alice Springs as a central hub.


As a part of desertSMART COOLmob program’s strategic vision of “sustainable, resilient communities”, food and food systems have been identified as a key area of vulnerability to changing climate and fuel price fluctuations, where resilience needs to be built.


“We’re starting a discussion with whoever has an interested in the future of the food system that supports Alice Springs and the arid lands around it. “ says desertSMART COOLmob program manager Alex McClean.


“Resilience is not a new idea to the many different people and ecosystems that make up Central Australia, and we are interested in exploring what type of resilience will be needed to meet the challenges to our food system of climate change, peak oil and market fluctuations over the coming decades”.


The Arid Lands Environment Centre has been working in and around Alice Springs for healthy futures for arid lands and people for over 30 years.  desertSMART COOLmob is a network of nearly 500 households in Alice Springs that have been working on a wide range of community sustainability issues for 10 years.


For more information on the event, please contact Alex McClean on or (08) 8952-0299.

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