Port Augusta to lead the way on Solar Thermal?

A “Repower Port Augusta” community meeting

Check out this link to an article on www.econews.com.au that looks at the possibility of Port Augusta leading the take-up of Solar Thermal Technology:


Here are some other news links about the story:

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  1. Wahyudi says:

    I am speaking to you as an Electrical Engineer with years of ecenripexe in the power industry. Solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, seismic, and other forms of power are not quite there yet technologically to be a feasible and viable solution to meet current energy demands. Much of the wind hype lately has been largely politically focused as politicians scramble to appease the green vote.I was at a renewable energy symposium this year where they looked at how things have improved. They have come a long way but if you look at how much it costs (money and pollution) to produce a wind turbine/solar panel and how much you get out of it, it’s really about breaking even at this point for wind and not even close yet for solar.Power companies are obligated to have outages that do not exceed a certain percentage of time per year and when the renewable resource power generation begins to take over the reliable methods of generation we have been using for years we see the reliability of this power go drastically down. Now if citizens were more energy conscious and were ok’ with blackouts at night and other strict constraints then perhaps it would be a viable solution but people at the moment do not want their power usage dictated to them.Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for renewable energy and they ARE making breakthroughs every single day that will eventually revolutionize the power generation industry but that will not be for some time.

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